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Dental Careers of Colorado, LLC offers an accelerated 10 week dental assisting program. This program is designed to teach basic and expanded dental assisting skills as well as provide Certification in Dental Radiology and Basic Life Support. Serving Denver, Lakewood and surrounding cities.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics "Job prospects should be excellent" relating to the field of dental assistants. In fact, dental assistants are expected to be among the fastest growing occupations over the 2010-20 projection period"


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Late Enrollment: A student may be accepted as late as the starting date if the class is not full.

** Scrub attire is required.

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Course Outline

The following subjects are covered in depth from both a didactic and a practical clinical experience. During their course of study, the students learn the operation of all equipment, instrumentation and materials commonly used in a general dental practice. Details of the student's extensive clinical training are outlined below.

I. Dental Theory and Terminology (12 Clock Hours) (Weeks #1 and #9)
A. Dental and oral anatomy, tooth identification and numbering system
B. Instrument nomenclature and identification for all aspects of General Dentistry
C. Dental terminology
D. Equipment operation, chair positioning, assistant equipment usage
E. Treatment options available, depending on oral conditions

II. Receptionist - Front Desk Office Management (8 Clock Hours) (Weeks #7 - #8)
A. Phone techniques and appointment book scheduling
B. Billing: accounts receivable and collections
C. Filing insurance forms and pre-treatment estimates
D. Insurance terminology

III. Four-Handed Dental Assisting (24 Clock Hours) (Weeks #2, #4, #5, #6 #7, & #9)
A. Instrument transfer techniques
B. Chair-side assisting, patient suctioning, and doctor-patient-assistant positioning
C. Tub and tray systems of instruments and materials
D. Familiarity and use of instruments and materials in assisting for:
1. Operative Dentistry-amalgam and composite restorations
2. Oral Surgery - instruments, procedures and post-op protocol
3. Crown and Bridge - impression taking techniques, temporary crown fabrication, cord
packing, hemostatic agents, and introduction into various crown types
4. Endodontics - instruments, medicaments and materials: how and why they are used
5. Periodontics - disease origin and usual treatment methods
6. Pedodontics/Orthodontics - differences in treating children vs. adult patients

IV. Radiology (8 Clock Hours) (Week #3)
A. X-ray theory and technique, use of Rinn© holders and other methods
B. Intraoral, bitewing, and endodontic exposure methods
C. Developing x-rays using a digital x-ray system
D. Automatic processor care and maintenance
E. X-ray identification, interpretation, safety and precautions

V. Impressions and Model Trimming (8 Clock Hours) (Weeks #1, #5, and #9)
A. Impression materials and practice in their uses: alginates and poly vinyl siloxane
B. Wax bites, triple tray impressions
C. Model pouring and trimming

VI. Cements and Liners (4 Clock Hours) (Week #4)
A. Introduction to various cements and liners used in dentistry
B. Practice mixing cements and liners

VII. Sterilization Techniques (8 Clock Hours) (Weeks #2 and #8)
A. Sterilization theory and terminology, autoclave operation
B. Instrument and equipment sterilization / disinfection
C. Dental operatory disinfection and asepsis techniques
D. Handpiece care and maintenance

VIII. Job Interview Preparation and Constructing a Professional Resume
(4 Clock Hours) (Weeks #9 and #10)

IX. Preparation for Common Dental Office Emergencies and Certification in
Basic Life Support (4 Clock Hours) (Week #6)

David A. Edlund, DMD

Dr. Edlund graduated a President’s Scholar in 1978 from Southern Illinois University with bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a minor in physics and math. He matriculated to SIU-Edwardsville to complete his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 1982. That same year, he moved to Colorado to start his practice.

His passion for dentistry is evident in that his office offers state-of-the-art dental care, utilizing 3D digital imaging, digital 2D radiography, Nd-YAG laser periodontal therapy and Zeiss microscopy, as well as CAD-CAM dentistry. Dr. Edlund was the first Denver area dentist to complete LASER certification (2005) using the patented LANAP procedure for treating gum disease. He is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implants and a graduate of the Misch International Institute of Implants.

Dr. Edlund is the program director and instructor for Dental Careers of Colorado LLC, an educational entity focused on providing students the latest in dental technology. He also works for Planmeca Corporation and Henry Schein Corp as a consultant in the area of 3D digital radiography, teaching other doctors how to implement this technology into their practice.

Dr. David Edlund was invited to join the acclaimed MIT imaging lab in August 2015. He is part of a six-member team focusing on developing new, high-speed imaging systems. Dr. Edlund has completed a number of post-graduate courses at MIT, including “Mastering Innovation and Design Thinking,” “Additive Manufacturing,” “Advances In Imaging”, “High-Speed Imaging for Motion Analysis”, “The Invention Process” and “Computational Photography.”

Dr Edlund co-invented an apparatus for the illumination and transillumination of oral structures using infrared light. This device was tested in his office with two MIT researchers. It does not use harmful radiation, only light energy.

Dr. Edlund was also instrumental in helping Formlabs develop and test the Dental SG resin used to fabricate dental surgical guides. He worked with Formlabs testing the Dental SG resin using the latest stereolithographic 3D printer (Form2). He is currently working part-time as a Clinical Collaborator and researcher for MIT. His current research interests are in the area of high-speed imaging using non-ionizing radiation and utilizing 3D Stereolithographic Printed devices for guided surgery.


  • Yauney, G., K. Angelino, D. Edlund, and P. Shah, Convolutional neural network for combined classification of fluorescent biomarkers and expert annotations using white light images. 17th annual IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering, 2017.
  • Angelino, K., P. Shah, D.A. Edlund, M. Mohit, and G. Yauney, Clinical validation and assessment of a modular fluorescent imaging system and algorithm for rapid detection and quantification of dental plaque. BMC Oral Health, 2017. 17(1): p. 162.
  • Angelino, K., D.A. Edlund, and P. Shah, Near-Infrared imaging for detecting caries and structural deformities in teeth. IEEE J Transl Eng Health Med, 2017. 5: p. 2300107.
  • Angelino, K., D. Edlund, G. Bhatia, S. Wu, and P. Shah, Near-infrared transillumination guides administration of dental 2D radiography and CBCT imaging. 17th annual IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering, 2017.

Faculty Members:
David A. Edlund, DMD

Administrative Staff:
Program Director/President – Dr. David A. Edlund

Duties include Operations Management, Business Planning, Marketing and Advertising.

Student Recruitment:
Duties include Public Relations, Student Enrollment and Tuition, Student Records,
and Job Placement Assistance.

Instructs students on chair-side dental assisting techniques, x-ray systems, sterilization procedures, dental operatory preparation, patient charting, instrument identification. Treatment planning and case presentation.

Instructs students on dental assisting techniques, sterilization procedures, dental
operatory preparation, patient charting, instrument identification, impression techniques, pouring impressions, taking xrays, dental management software, insurance billing, determination of benefits, front office organization.

Dental Careers of Colorado, LLC, would like to welcome you to a new, innovative and unique course taught by practicing dentist, hygienist and dental assistants. We offer a course designed to give you the best, basic foundational knowledge and skills necessary to start your new dental career in as little of 10 weeks!

Taught in a state-of-the-art dental clinic, we will seek to give you exposure to a wide range of techniques, materials and dental knowledge, we will focus on the skills we as dentists see as “core necessities” for job acquisition.

Job opportunities for trained dental assistants are quite good in today’s marketplace. While no one can guarantee job placement, the dental profession is currently facing a shortage of trained dental assistants.

After completing our 10 week course, students will have an advantage over untrained applicants because a dentist will have to train them less, but must realize that they will need further training and practice before being completely proficient. If one examines the want ads for dental assistants, virtually all jobs require experience. With our course, one can receive foundational training in the field of dental assisting with a minimal amount of time and at a reasonable cost.

Q: After completing the 10 week course, can this program help me to find a job in a dental office?
A: The Dental Careers of Colorado networks with dentists in the Denver Metro Area to provide their offices the opportunity to find graduates from this program which meet their employment needs. Also, there are occasional open- house presentations held at the facility throughout the year with invitations to all of the dentists in the Denver area to help familiarize them with the facility and course materials, as well as inform them about the benefits in hiring graduates from this program.

Q: Will this course still benefit me if I choose to move out of state?
A: Basically, dental assisting knowledge and skills are very much uniform, especially in the areas of dental materials, operatory setups, and front desk job duties. Therefore, the knowledge you gain from this program will carry over very well in helping you to adapt to any dental office or facility located in the USA and Canada.

Q: Does this program offer additional help for students who are struggling with understanding the course material?
A: On a weekly basis, review sessions are given during the lecture process which not only reinforces important concepts, but also provides students ample opportunities to ask questions while helping the instructors to identify areas which need further clarification. If any students are falling behind with certain aspects of the program, these students will be able to request additional time for “tutoring” sessions (at no additional charge) either after class or on a separate day, depending on the students and instructors availability.

Q: If I am already working in a dental office, would this course still be beneficial to me?
A: Absolutely!! One of the many goals of this program is to encourage students to further their knowledge in the dental profession learning not only concepts in dental assisting, but also in areas such as dental hygiene and the various dental specialties. This course is designed to provide students with an education that will allow them to have clinical as well as administrative skills which makes them a very valuable asset to any dental office.

A graduation certificate, letter of recommendation, and pin will only be awarded to those students attaining a 70% or above grade average. Those students whose grade average is below 70% will not receive a certificate, but will be allowed to retake the course (within one year of the initial enrollment date) at a reduced fee of $1495.

After the first week but prior to the second week, all but $375.00 will be refunded if cancellation is made.

For cancellations during weeks 2 through 5, $300.00 per week will be charged plus $375.00 for the first week. Any remaining balance will be refunded. There will be no refunds after the fifth week. Those wishing to cancel for illness or personal reasons may resume their course of study in the next class series with no penalty and may repeat the already completed sessions if desired.

All tuition and fees paid by the applicant shall be refunded if the applicant is rejected by the school before enrollment. An applicant fee of not more than $25.00 may be retained by the school if the applicant is denied. All tuition and fees paid by the applicant shall be refunded if requested within three business days after signing a contract with the school. All refunds shall be returned within 30 days.

Dental Careers of Colorado
7425 W. Hampden Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80227
Phone: 303.988.3800
Fax: 303.988.7425

Program Director/President – Dr. David A. Edlund

If you are a student and have additional questions or comments regarding our dental program please feel free to call us direct or send your comments.

Please allow up to 24 hrs for us to respond to your comments or requests.nd to your comments or requests.